Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009: Top albums, part 2

Here we go again, we are back for part 2, probably filled with albums already mentioned by many a critic. I love thinking independently and disagree with the general opinion but some albums were just excellent and appreciated by the (relative) masses. And I refuse to compromise just for the sake of being different :-)

**The Horrors: Primary Colours**

I'll admit it, I liked The Horrors before, I remember their punky set at Dour many moons ago, I thought they were fantastic! I was therefore excited to hear their new material. I remember as well hearing the first 20 seconds of Sea Within a Sea and thinking 'OH MY GOD this is going to be one hell of record' I hoped the rest of the LP would reach the heights of that track and it did. I totally agree with Mike Diver when he said Primary Colours was "wholly worth all the hype that's attracted to its unexpected brilliance."

**The Arctic Monkeys: Humbug**

We're so accustomed to hearing great quality music from the Sheffield Boys that an excellent album without filler or false note seems a given, we don't even feel like acknowledging
Humbug is a superb album, Turner has learned to pose his voice in a more menacing way and his lyrics are as sharp as ever. It's been a steady learning process for the Monkeys and with each album they go a step further. I can't find any fault in Humbug and I get much pleasure hearing it over and over again.
My favourite track is probably the opening one: My Propeller

**The XX: XX**

Sometimes the hype has good reasons behind it, I feel it's the case for The XX, subtle music that improves with every listen. I have no idea how they'll top that on their next output but for now I'll keep playing that CD for months and years to come.

**Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse present: Dark Night Of The Soul **

Musically, nothing upset me more than the non-physical release of that masterpiece. Dammit EMI, sort it out! I love it when an album manages to be different from the rest by creating its own little world. The songs are different from each other in style [and by the presence of many guest musicians] but yet they manage to create a body of work homogenous and exciting!
You can find MP3 streaming online and download the album for free, which is what Danger Mouse intended when the actual release was aborted so fo once go and download Dark Night Of The Soul, your life will be better for it.
Everytime I'm With you, with Jason Lytle

**Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix**

This is probably the album I've listened to the most since its release. There have been many times when I played Lisztomania or 1901 loudly in my flat to just jump up and down or when I was doing chores, feelgood music and after all, that what's it's all about: pleasure!
Phoenix have given me lots of pleasure on CD or live over the years and with W.A.P. they were back in great pop spirit, just writing about it makes me smile

**the runners-up**

I can't decide which of the other contenders to choose so here's their names:

Fever Ray: Fever Ray
Blakroc: Blakroc
Jamie T: Kings & Queens
Soulsavers: Broken

For the next 2 days, I'll compile some of my favourite singles of the year.

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