Friday, February 26, 2010

Shearwater "Hidden Lakes"

In March, the texan band will release their 6th album The Golden Archipelago, it is te last chapter of the band tryptich of albums that started with Palo Santo and continued with Rook in 2008. The band'singer Jonathan Meiburg is a graduate in ornythology and these album focuses heavily on the impact of human beings on the environment.

I haven't heard the full album yet but the few songs available reveal a richness of sound that creates a dreamy atmopshere, with Meiburg's distinctive voice adding pathos to the proceedings. The result is really really pretty :

The band's website is HERE

Their full discography:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Turner Cody "Nobody Like You"

He's playing in Liege tomorrow and in Brussels on March 3rd. He's fab so get a ticket and check him out.

This is a sweet and silly video, the music ain't bad either!

all info HERE

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pantha Du Prince : "Bohemian Forest"

How about some romantic techno on this Monday morning. Yes, yes, electronic music can also be elegant and emotive. Come forward Hendrik Weber, the German producer who hides behind the Pantha Du Prince moniker.
He started his career in 2002, with a first album that followed 2 years later. Add to that CV many acclaimed remixes before the release of This Bliss in 2007.

This year, his new output Black Noise intends on showing us that music exists everywhere. According to the press release, Weber thinks the role of the musician is to "render audible what is unheard"
What a programme! On a CD it sounds like this:

More on his Myspace

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Was A King - " So Shy"

I saw I Was A King at Eurosonic last month and liked their gig. I got the CD, their first self-titled album. It's very pretty, melodic yet energic and filled with sugarysweet fuzzy pop but it didn't grab me as much as the live show. As a first effort, it certainly isn't bad, it also contains a lot of good ideas but it lacks a little ' je ne sais quoi' to make it a really good record. It's one of those 6/10 albums: some lovely songs but a tad indigest over the course of 15 tracks. In a way it reminded me a bit of a less inspired Jonny Polonsky, who released a fabulous album filled with power pop short songs 'Hi, My name is Jonny' back in '96

Nonetheless, this Norwegian dua has a lot of potential and undeniable talent so here's a live accoustic session they gave a few months ago.

For the powered up versions, it's here

On this note, I'll listen to Polonsky's album

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom McRae : "Out Of The Walls"

Mister Mc Rae has given us many a great song over the years. He has debatable taste in football but we'll overlook that fact and concentrate on his music.
The Alphabet of Hurricanes is his 5th studio album and it will be released in Belgium on February 22nd.

Here's the first single :

Tom Mac Rae will be playing live in Belgium at the Botanique on March 24th. If you've never seen him on stage, you've missed something. The fragile atmosphere of his compositions and the general melancholy and sadness of the songs are interrupted by McRae's banters, jokes and chit-chat [ and boy does he like to talk]
It works really well because when he sings again he just takes you off guard over and over again and you're really touched by his music.
Yup football aside, he's a pretty clever and talented chap. Oh and he's had a minor hit in Belgium a few years ago, well that's what he says on his Live album [2007]

If you're on Twitter, follow his grumpiness on @tommcrae

For his full catalogue:
Here is his WEBSITE to get to know the guy a bit better

Richard Hawley 'Open Up Your Door'

Just because his gig last night in Brugge was absolutely beautiful. His voice is even better live and it was just great from start to finish.
If you have no album of his yet, go and get Truelove Gutter ot Cole's Corner...

The Hagen Dazs video that uses this song is so cute too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Efterklang " Modern Drift"

Efterklang is more like a troupe, next to the four core members, there's about 9 musicians on stage. Although for their last output "Performing Parades" they were also joined by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

The Danish band is back this February with a 7th release " Magic Chairs" that will be out on cult label 4AD.

Lovely sweet pop with that scandinavian twist.

Tonight Richard Hawley plays in Brugge, I hope to see some of you there!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Coast "When I'm With You"

With this grey weather, we all need some sunshine-fueled indie pop in our ears.
Here comes Best Coast. It's Beth Consentino's moniker and she likes to sing about the summer and being lazy, probably easier to do when you live in LA...

Its pure indie pop, short simple songs that go straight to the point and just make you feel good about life.[BTW bravo to Khole7 for a fabulous sync.]

She recently released a 7" Black Iris on which you can find this "When I'm With you"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Bear That Wasn't: " Ballad of Two Raindrops"

Nils Verresen is The Bear That Wasn't. He has started a funny project: he has found 365 people who have agreed to lodge him for a night in exchange for an intimate gig in their home. He's been travelling through Belgium since October and will will continue his journey for the remaing months of the year.
During that time he will release his first album And So It's Morning Dew.
He's a nice boy that Bear, he sings sweet melodies in a voice that gently grabs you by the arm and gives you cuddles.
After The Bony King of Nowhere and Isbells it sounds like Belgium is home to a few very good singer-songwriters at the moment.

It's not a great quality video but at least it will give you an idea of The Bear That Wasn't's repertoire during one of his 'A song for a bed' evening.

For a more professiona gig, head to Le Botanique on March 19th.

For more info, you can also check his website where he blogs about his adventures

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tindersticks 'Tiny Tear'

In March, Tindersticks will release 'Falling Down A Mountain' Their 8th album since they started in '92.
Strangely enough for Stuart Staple's band this record is fairly uplifting, well compared to what they've done in the past that is. Still, it's joyous enough. I have not played it enough times yet to have a favourite track but I've always had a soft spot for their "Tiny Tears".
A lovely song from the "Nenette et Boni" soundtrack in 1996, it appeared on an Island Records compilation I got back, which probably was the first time I sat and listened to Tindersticks. I've followed them since.

So here's to a band that has thrived to create quality music over the years.

They'll play the new album live at the Cirque Royal on May 13th, it'll be a treat, mark my words