Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Michael J. Sheehy

Back in 1997 I heard a band called Dream City Film Club and I fell in love straight away with the sexyness and the darkness of their self titled debut record. I then interviewed the band and worked with them when I was at PIAS. They recorded 2 more albums on Beggars Banquet before splitting.

The guys became friends and Michael J Sheehy, the singer, was a great help when I moved to London. In 2000 he released his first solo album, Sweet Blue Genes. Michael's voice is recognisable by its warmth in total contrast with some of the debauched lyrical content.
Michael is a big Elvis fan and that side of him brings a sort of lightness and humour into his compositions.

Loose Variations on a Near Miss is his latest solo output [his 6th] and a best off of sorts. With his new backing band he has re-recorded some of his past songs to give them a 2010 facelift.

Here is his singing an old blues track for Resonnance FM

And for those who missed DCFC, 'If I Die, I Die' back in 97 when it all began...

More on Michael here

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