Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fuck 'Monkey Doll'

For some reason yesterday's song made me listen to my old Fuck CDs. There is something in their music that just makes me go through all the spectrum of feelings in 40 minutes.
I saw them live a couple of times back in the days and it was just the same. Short songs that don't overstay their welcome, simple melodies with a bric-a-brac side, sweet voices and then bursts of fury before calming down again and cuddling the listener with a cheeky grin, all very child-like.

The band met in California, in a police holding cell. They wrote a couple of songs and the rest is history. According to their website they're still together but there is not much activity at the moment.

Pardon my French (1997) and Conduct (1998) are my favourite albums. Obviously because of their silly name it's very difficult to find anything online about this band. I wish I could have found a version of 'Drinking Artist' which would be in my top 10 tracks of all time (Never Comin' Back would maybe make that list too).
After many searches I managed to find this 'Monkey Doll' video from Conduct, an album you should get if you don't know it yet, playful, yet full of emotions.

Their discography

* Fuck (cassette) - Rhesus - 1994
* Pretty...Slow - Rhesus - 1996
* Baby Loves a Funny Bunny - Rhesus - 1996
* Pardon My French - Matador - 1997
* Conduct (CD) - Matador - 1998
* Cupid's Cactus - Smells Like Records - 2001
* Gold Bricks - Homesleep Records - 2001
* Those Are Not My Bongos - Homesleep Records - 2003

and their official site is HERE

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