Saturday, March 19, 2011

Demons creeping me up with pleasure

Looking a the list of upcoming concerts in Brussels, one might feel overwhelmed with so many (on paper) fabulous gigs to go to. One I don't want to miss is Timber Timber on 22nd of April at the AB
The Canadians's untitled first album was haunted, melodic, beautiful and Taylor Kirk has a voice and delivery so particular that you recognise him instantly. They sing dark tales lit by candlelight, ghostly stories of human feelings. They will release a new album early April, it will bear the title of 'Creep on Creepin'on' a title that suggests a continued musical voyage in troubled waters. And that my friends, is good news indeed!

Here's an old stripped down version of "Until The Night is Over" for NPR

and their superb first single Demon Host

This should whet your appetites for the couple of weeks that separate us from the release of Creep on Creeping On.

Now I'd better get my tickets for the gig or I'll cry tears of blood...

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