Friday, April 1, 2011

A baby's breath before the Apocalypse.

Another old favourite of mine is coming back to the fore: Bill Callahan, aka Smog.

Next week, he'll release 'Apocalypse', his 4th album under his own name, after 11 outputs as Smog.
Last week, he gave us a taste of things to come with a wonderful single 'Baby's Breath'

The lyrics are so precise and utterly moving, his dead pan delivery giving them even more strength. I've always found intriguing how his dispassionate voice can be so potent and emotional. If the rest of the album is a good as Baby's Breath, we're in for a treat ladies and gentlemen.

If you're not familiar with Callahan's music, I would recommend Red Apple Falls, his Smog album from 1997. It's the same deep voice, lo-fi music, slightly cerebral approach to the singer-songwriter job as today, but maybe more naive.

ATTENTION: Bill Callahan will be present at the Nuits Botanique this year, on May 17th @ Théâtre 140 !

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