Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alex Turner, naked and submarine

I do like the Arctic Monkeys, I'm yearning for a new Last Shadow Puppets album and yes, I do rate Alex Turner as a brilliant lyricist. His voice has also morphed over the past few years, the lad has now the confidence to play with it a bit more, I'm sure he'll surprise us with his range in the future.

This week, the Monkeys have announced a new album for June and 5 songs by Turner as a solo artist have turned up on youtube. This EP will serve as soundtracks for a film called Submarine.
It's absolutely stunning in simplicity: voice + acoustic guitar

If like me you're hungover today, this will soothe you and make you feel better, I promise!

At the moment we are being force-fed so many female songstress, whether they have talent or not, it's ironic to find musical solace in the male voices of old favourites and new ones too.
Thank you gents!


  1. Hé Sofeke, il est cool ton blog! Merci, je vais peut-être enfin avoir une culture musicale! Biz! A.

  2. wééééééééé faut juste que me mette à écrire plus régulièrement ;-) x

  3. heu, des noms pour les femelles sans talent ? :o)