Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rejoice! Autumn Falls in November

From November 21st until the 27th in Brussels, Indie music will be celebrated via the wonderful Autumn Falls festival. It's been going on for a few years and the bill keeps showcasing impeccable taste in the talented and oddball musical landscape. About 50 artists will take part in this indie extravaganza in various venues throughout Brussels. Full listing on the festival's website

On November 24th, don't try and call me or invite me anywhere, I will be at the Cirque Royal to watch 3 excellent acts do their stuff on stage. First up is Pinback, a Californian stalwart indie band that many of my music lover friends love love love ( yes you @exexalex and @mikediver). Since 1999 they've released 4 albums and a 5th one is planned for 2012. They're consistantly good live so it's a good 'entrée en matière'

For mains, it will be mister Bill Callahan of Smog fame, I've talked about him many times on this blog so won't spoil your intelligence with more rambling about how wooooonderful a songwriter he is.
Callahan can be moody on stage but his voice and music are well worth the ticket fee alone.
He gave us 12 lo-fi albums as Smog and has put out his 4th effort under his own name back in April. The single from Apocalypse was 'America'

Then the cherry on the cake that night will be Low, the trio from Minnesota who encapsulated the Slow Core genre in the mid 90s
They released their 9th album "C'mon" earlier this year on Sub Pop. I love them, I just do : the harmonies, the simplicity mixed with some harshness and the lancinant, near psychedelic's just perfect!

Autumn Falls holds another little gem in his programme: She Keeps Bees. If you like artists like Patti Smith, Cat Power or even old Pj Harvey you must try some She Keeps Bees. Live, you just want to hug Jessica Larrabee, she's standing there so fresh and un-starlike full of jokes and joie de vivre. Then she sings and her voices fills up the space with so much soul...
I completely missed the released of Dig On last spring so here's an old favourite of mine 'Cage Match'
You can see her at the Botanique on November 26th as support for Pink Mountaintops

I'd also like to point out several other highlights quickly:
On the 26th if She Keeps Bees is not your cup of tea and you prefer dancing, then head to the AB for Metronomy + SX + Holloys + Babe Rainbow and the great Germans Tarwater

Now, still on the 26th the rockers amongst you will be making their way to the VK for a full dosage of decibels courtesy of Chrome Hoof, Part Chimp and Alkerdeel.
And because Tim Cedar is a very old friend of mine from when he was in a band called Ligament here's a dose of Part Chimp to wake every up.

And for you, Lana Del Ray fans, try a dose of Marissa Nadler please, you may just be seduced by the real deal and she'll be in Brussels on November 27th  with Scott Matthews and A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

Autum Falls is a festival held in various venues across Brussels from November 21st until the 27th, organised by Tout Par Tout Booking agency

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