Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dreams do come true, Cass

Some artists are constantly good throughout their career, they keep creating beautifully crafted pieces of music. One such artists is mister Cass McCombs; he will be releasing his 6th album later this fall so maybe it's time to have a look at his prolific outputs.

I don't know much about McCombs apart from his music and the fact that his albums are put out by Domino Records. So let's focus on the music then...
Back in 2003 he released a first album (after an EP the previous year) that was critically acclaimed. Simply titled 'A' it showcased McCombs's talent for soothing melodies, odd lyrics and that latent dreamy sadness.
First track is called I Went To The Hospital and leaves you in no doubt about the American's abilities. it's a terrific piece of music, what a way to start your first album!

2 years later McCombs came back with PREfection,an album that kept going in the same direction than its predecessor.
Then in 2007 came Dropping The Writ, and with it  a slight change of musical landscape: less reverbs, less indie postures, more Americana and folky sounds. As Pitchfork wrote at the time McCombs stopped gazing at his feet but started staring at the stars instead. And it worked a treat. On that LP there is a song "Full Moon Or Infinity" that probably is in my top10 favourites songe EVAH

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Releasing albums at the rhythm of one every 2 years, we only had to wait until 2009 for Catacombs, yup the boy'still enjoying playing with words and is not afraid of auto-derision. For most of his teenage years and early adulthood, Mc Combs travelled across America and this 4th album is very much a troubadour on the road type of album. Again, the melodies are flowing effortlessly and softly in the listener's ears. First single was Dreams Come True, Girl with some vocals from Karen Black, and is tinged with 50s influences.

Back in April, McCombs served us a fifth helping of his original yet comforting music ("Wit's End") and lo and behold! we won't have to wait another 2 years for the next installment as Humour Risk (See, told you the boy was funny with words) will be with us in November. Reasons to be cheerful, right? We'll be well cosy at home this winter with an extra dose of McCombs. Yes, dreams DO come true ;-)

I hope you'll check this talented and orignal artist and am praying for him to give a show in Belgium soon. Despite following his career since 2003, I've never seen him live...

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