Saturday, April 3, 2010

MLCD 'What Are You Waiting For?"

Let's be patriotic for once, MLCD are releasing a fine album! They come from Liege, Belgium and they have BIG dreams and BIG ambitions. Clearly they also have the talent and creativity to match.

The Tragic Tale of a Genius in an opera-pop of sorts that depicts the life of an artist. The First single sees Redboy, totured singer of the band, exchange vocal duties with Jonathan Donahue, of Mercury Rev fame. And it sounds like this:

MLCD - [My Little Cheap Dictaphone] - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR from bubbleduchesse on Vimeo.

If you're in BXL on May 8th, be sure to check them out at the amazing Cirque Royal venue, this should be a treat, as the show has been choreographed and includes visuals and many other surprises.

for more info and music, there is Myspace

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