Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cat Power ' Troubled Waters'

Last night I needed to wind down after an exhausting day,so I took a bath and played The Cover Record by Cat Power. It never ceases to amaze me by its sheer beauty, simplicity, rawness and delicacy.

My favourite track of that album is 'Troubed Waters'

Afterwards, we got talking about Cat Power on Twitter with @kattebel, @janosizoltan and @Kmeron.
Chan Marshall has released many a great album under the Cat Power moniker since she embarked on a solo career in 1995:

* Dear Sir (1995)
* Myra Lee (1996)
* What Would the Community Think (1996)
* Moon Pix (1998)
* The Covers Record (2000)
* You Are Free (2003)
* The Greatest (2006)
* Jukebox (2008)
* Dark End of the Street (2008)

Over the years I have seen her play live many many times, and it was never a stroll in the park until she became sober and was able to sing for a whole show...and just loose me in the process. Made me want to share this old story with you. The first time I saw her play in the inimate Rotonde @ Botanique was just as she released What Would The Community Think in 96. Chan was so awkward on stage, hiding behind her bangs and generally being close to tears in front of the 50-odd people who had come to see her. After a few tracks, her ex came into the room (an artist, he had a press day in Bxl on the same date.) Everybody could see how excruciating it was for her to see him there and she suddenly stopped playing, addressing the audiance thus "I can't play the guitar anymore, is there anybody here who knows the chords to my tracks" A young lad answerd affirmatively and hopped on stage to play with Cat Power, who then finished the gig staring at the wall.

At that time her voice was so strong and in stark contrast to her frail persona, everybody in that venue probably remembers the show to this date, we could all feel her pain. It is one of the few gigs I recall most vividly.

On the other hand, the last time I saw her, I hated the show ( even though she was accompanied by 2 of my favourite musicians Jim White and Judah Bauer) her voice was gone, and yes, she was much more professional but the magic had disappeared.

Still, the albums are amazing to listen to and that will never go away. Here's probably my favorite ever Cat Power songs 'Nude As The News' from 96


  1. as discussed on twitter i just saw her in AB like 2 years ago, wasn't convinced at all, was there with my best friend and don't really have the habit to leave a gig, but this could have been one of those ahha =D

  2. Merci pour cette découverte, je ne connaissais pas du tout. J'aime beaucoup sa voix.... et l'anecdote de ton article est surprenante et émouvante...

  3. Thanks for the story.
    Please check Nude as the News live at NPA:

  4. @Kmeron : I left that AB show too, rarely been so bored :-(

    @francoish: thank you!

  5. 'You Are Free' definitely her best album!