Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mark Kozelek 3 for the price of 1

Last night I went to see Andrew Bird live, it was a lovely show and the man is very talented. During some songs I kept thinking that the tone of his voice reminded me of a familiar voice and suddenly it all became clear, I was thinking of Mark Kozelek.

In 1989 he started the band Red House Painters whose track "Mistress" has become a classic.Problems with their label 4AD finally meant that the band dismembered and Kozelek started some peculiar solo projects, amongst them one very fine album titled "What's Next To The Moon" a CD filled only with AC/DC covers reworked to sound like this

Kozelek has since been mixing original materials alongside stripped down covers, another favourite is The Doors "Indian Summer"

Since 2002, Kozelek formed Sun Kil Moon with a couple of ex RHP members. On their third album " April" Will Oldham and Ben Gibbard both lend their voices.
"Lost Verses" is a long song and takes its time to get going but once you let it seduce you, there is no going back!

to know everything there is to know about Kozelek and his various projects, try his website

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