Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gil Scott-Heron " Where Did The Night Go"

Gil Scott-Heron is a 60-year old American poet, musician and author. His spoken word albums in the 70s were close to rapping and have influenced countless of hip hop artists.
In February 2010 he'll release a new album via XL recordings " I'm New Here" , his first in 13 years.

Here's a first excerpt:

This reminded me a bit of one of my favourite track by Recoil, Alan Wilder's parralel project. in 2000 on their album Liquid, they colaborated with New York poet Nicole Blackman on 3 songs. The mood is dark, veering into S&M, her deliery is cold yet warm, sexy and dangerous.
One of them is the brilliant Breath Control:

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  1. "where did the night go" déchire