Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cass McCombs "Dreams Come True Girl"

he's a slippery fish, Cass Mc Combs, one artist that's quite hard to describe. Since his first album in 2002 he has changed form, moved from one citu to the next without much explaination about his work. It can be a bit tough to enter his world but once you get it, it's a great universe to be in.

His two most known albums are 'A' and 'Dropping the Wit'. His latest effort 'Catacombs' is filled with songs about his wife and it's his most stripped down work to this day. Probably the most accessible too.

"Dreams Come True Girl" is on that last album:

If you want to get to know him further here's his discography released via Domino Rec. [ One of my favourite track ever is his "Full Moon or Integrity" on Dropping The Wit]

and, of course, his myspace

Belgian Friends, please note that Cass will be at the Botanique in Bxl on Dec 7th. See you there!

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