Monday, July 2, 2012

Dour Festival best memories: 2006 T-Raumschmiere

2006 one of my favourite year ever at Dour. The electronic bill was magnificent  and the cherry on the cake for me came in the shape of German electropunk maestro T.Raumschmiere.

I was my with good friend Mike who had received a backstage pass due to his shoulder being in pieces and after I finished work and a few drinks we wandered in the dark from stage to stage until we arrived in the middle of T.Raumschmiere' set. It was a proper WOOOOOOAAAAAAH moment- we both felt like we were very lucky to witness that and we were galvanised by the power and  strength of the German's music. His show was raw and brutal but very honest and energetic. he contortioned his body into odd shapes, like he was bringing his many tattoos alive. It was punk. It was electro. It was my best moment at Dour Festival.

(funny thing is that in my memory he has his full back tattooed as a spine - looks like I dreamt that one)

In 2006 I was working at the press desk and didn't have much time to see a lot of concerts but I managed to escape my duties to check the Californian folky duo Two Gallants.
I really liked their 2nd album What The Toll Tells ( on Saddle Creek) and their live show was perfect for a mid afternoon festival, full of odd and funny things, like a dummy...

The last big memory from 2006 was another American duo: Giant Drag. It was my favourite live band from that year having seen them at a raucous show at the Barfly. The transition to late morning Belgian festival wasn't a smooth one but once Annie got into the spirits of things, the end of the gig was fabulous and very much IN YOUR FACE. Proper festival appearance!

More info about Dour 2012: full line up, tickets etc... on their site of course

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