Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dour Festival best memories: 1996 G Love & The Special Sauce

Lets go backward by 10 years: direction 1996 for very different genres

By then Dour festival was starting to attract some big big names like Iggy Pop or Coolio.
Now, even when you work backstage at a festival, toilets are always a test of nerves. At Dour there were 2 proper toilets and some portaloos.
I prefer proper toilets. So I headed there. No queue, just one person in the loo. hurrah! I wait. Then a young singer arrives. We wait. We wait some more. We look at each other thinking that we knew what that person was doing in there. We wait some more. We start laughing and joking about the state of the loo after the lengthy visit. Then the door opens. who else but Iggy pop steps out, happy as larry. I can therefore confirm that rock stars go for number 2 like everybody else.

Oh yeah the young funny singer who was waiting with me for Iggy to be done? A certain Brian Molko who still had hair...

Now another embarrassing moment in 2006 was meeting the guys from G Love and The Special Sauce. I was a big fan back then and found mister G Love rather tasty (especially shirtless playing football next to the tour bus)

The 2 other musicians probably thought I was nice as they invited me to visit their golden tour bus ( yeah I didn't fall for that one, don't worry) and I got a lovely pink T-shirt that I still own today.

During that time, the production team went to see G Love himself and asked him to sign a demo tape for me. The only "star" signature I ever got. And I was mortified...

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