Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After the storm...

OK, I've calmed down and the best way to feel better after a disappointment is cuddle music.
For that, I give you Summer Fiction with "Throw Your Arms Around Me", told you it was cuddle music...

The video is cleverly made from cuts of 'Vivre Pour Vivre' a French film from 1967 and soooo deliciously vintage, right up my street ;-)

So Summer Fiction then, it's a band from Philadelphia led by singer/songwriter Bill Ricchini, it does indeed echo 60s folk pop with more than a hint of Elliott Smith.
It's just very pretty music and there is nothing wrong with pretty, I like pretty! This song makes me want to snuggle up in the arms of my loved one.
If you're curious and want to listen to more music, the full self titled album is streaming on the band's website

Happy cuddles, kids

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