Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tindersticks 'Tiny Tear'

In March, Tindersticks will release 'Falling Down A Mountain' Their 8th album since they started in '92.
Strangely enough for Stuart Staple's band this record is fairly uplifting, well compared to what they've done in the past that is. Still, it's joyous enough. I have not played it enough times yet to have a favourite track but I've always had a soft spot for their "Tiny Tears".
A lovely song from the "Nenette et Boni" soundtrack in 1996, it appeared on an Island Records compilation I got back, which probably was the first time I sat and listened to Tindersticks. I've followed them since.

So here's to a band that has thrived to create quality music over the years.

They'll play the new album live at the Cirque Royal on May 13th, it'll be a treat, mark my words

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