Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Was A King - " So Shy"

I saw I Was A King at Eurosonic last month and liked their gig. I got the CD, their first self-titled album. It's very pretty, melodic yet energic and filled with sugarysweet fuzzy pop but it didn't grab me as much as the live show. As a first effort, it certainly isn't bad, it also contains a lot of good ideas but it lacks a little ' je ne sais quoi' to make it a really good record. It's one of those 6/10 albums: some lovely songs but a tad indigest over the course of 15 tracks. In a way it reminded me a bit of a less inspired Jonny Polonsky, who released a fabulous album filled with power pop short songs 'Hi, My name is Jonny' back in '96

Nonetheless, this Norwegian dua has a lot of potential and undeniable talent so here's a live accoustic session they gave a few months ago.

For the powered up versions, it's here

On this note, I'll listen to Polonsky's album

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