Monday, January 11, 2010

Alan Pownall "Take Me"

I owed it to you all to add a male singer. To be honest the jury's still out on Pownall as far as I'm concerned. At first listen I thought he was another Jason Mraz as his music is a little too middle of the road for me.

However I stuck with him, just because he's mate with all the cool kids from the London folk scene. Adele is the one who gave him his big break by inviting him to open for her after hearing what he does on his myspace page...and I'll admit that I'm starting to like him. Anyway, here's his latest song "Take Me" so you can make up your own mind

After many labels chased him up, he finaly signed for Mercury and he's currently writing his first album which should be out in the spring.
I'm pretty sure you'll hear him everywhere on the radio and TV so be prepared

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