Sunday, April 15, 2012

Death Grips wake up an old grumpy music lover

So there I was, lamenting my recent  lack of excitment for new music. Am I becoming too old? Too blase? Too 'yeah seen it before and got the T-Shirt'? All the music I've enjoyed recently has come from old bands most of whom I liked when I was 18 already.
The song I've obsessed about the most in 2012 is 1,5 year old, the SUPERB 'Spain' by Blonde Redhead, band formed in 93 in NYC, on their latest album Penny Sparkle

This song title is especially apt as I've been revisiting my old Spain albums, we're talking about Josh Haden's band now. They too are making a come back and will be playing Les Nuits Botaniques in May (yeah I have my ticket already, you bet!) Once again we're talking about 90s music, as Blue Moods of Spain was released in 1995.

Maybe it is because I have a fondness for slash-your-wrists-music (well I love a good rocking tune too you know) but I've been musically subdued lately and failed to get OHMYGODexcited in a while. That was it, I was just another old fart...

BUT then one day, I noticed a enthusiastic tweet from the taleted BBC reviewer and lovely bloke Mike Diver (@mikediver) he was reviewing a hip hop album by Sacramento-based trio Death Grips. He sounded so excited (and we've often had similar taste in music) that I fell compelled to hit youtube and discover what the hell he was all about. WOOOAW proper hip hop with such intensity, urgency,dissatifaction...and a sound that took a few listens to really digest.
Mike is better with words than me, so I'll let you read is review to get a sense of what that album "money store" is all about.
As for me, it feels like I've been punched in the face, the stomach and the ears and it got my heart pumping. Try it if you dare!

Single 'Guillotine' is quite astonishing and doesn't appear on Money Store, probably slightly easier to digest.

Sometimes, we need to get out of our comfort zone to get a kick in the ass and get going again. A few years ago it was Blakroc and These New Puritans who administrated said kick, today it's Death Grips and I F*cking thank them for that!

One last for the road, got your seatbelt on?  It's Blackjack

Death Grips are on Twitter and they will have a second album out later in 2012 - Money Store is in the shops now

Spain are playing the Cirque Royal on Saturday 12/05 and Josh haden is also on twitter

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