Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whet my appetite, 2012

Ok, we're 4 days into 2012 and it already looks like it will a phenomenal musical year... I for one am quite excited.

None more so than a few days ago when I hear the new teaser track from Anja Plaschg, aka Soap & Skin. The moody Austrian songstress is ready to swallow us again into her dark waves of dramatic melancholic tunes, mixing piano and electronic noises. A recipe she will keep on using in Narrow, a new 30-minute mini album that will arrive in our lives on February 14th
Here's the teaser:

Then there is the old bat, Cat Power who's recording a 9th album that should be released later this year. For Xmas she gave us an extended version of The King Rides By, a track that was on her 1996 album What Would The Community Think (My favourite album of hers for its raw emotions)

Talking of bands that have a strong history of releasing excellent albums, step forward Tindersticks, the trio from Nottingham; led by the inimitable voice of Stuart Staples.
The Something Rain will be their 9th output since 1993 and it contains 9 beautifully crafted songs that will please the fans. Medecine is the lead single

A more recent, yet skilled and delicate singer-songwriter to release an album early 2012 is Perfume Genius. Behind this moniker is Seattle based Mike Hadreas. His first album Learnings got the attention of the press and many a music lover. He's ready to seduce us again on February 20th with a new album called Put Your Back N2 It
Check out this somptuous All Waters

Obviously, as I have mentioned it before I can't wait for Feb 6th as it means the great man himself Mark Lanegan will be back with a solo album that simply cannot be bad - what with a title such as Blues Funeral :-D
A track that's been doing the rounds lately is The Gravedigger's Song

Add the new Dirty Three and a new Last Shadow Puppets on top of that list and you understand why I CAAAAAANT WAIIIIIIIIT

What about you? any other album is tickling your fancy?


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