Monday, November 7, 2011

Play it Greg, play...

This month, London born crooner Gregory Page will release his...31st album "My True Love". yups, never heard of him before? I only started following his career last year when his album Promise Of A Dream landed on my desk and, you know, crooners and me...

Give me a piano, a tortured man in a classy suit singing his love in a jazz bar and I say yes every time!

"Saturday Night Blues" by Gregory Page from Wiant on Vimeo.

I think my love for those whiskey-filled mournful songs come from my first listens of Tom Waits back Catalogue from the 70s: Closing Time (73), The Heart Of Saturday Night (74), Nighthawks at The Diner (75), Small Change (76), Foreign Affairs (77) and Blue Valentine (78)

So back to gentleman singer Gregory page then, his smooth voice and quaint, passé melodies are not for hipsters, he comes from a more traditional mould of song-writers, and probably because of that there is a great comfort in his beautifully crafted music, yeah you feel good and you can trust him with your ears and emotions, this guys will take good care of them.

Here he is playing live the first track of his new album "It's You"

This new album is his hommage to classical jazzy artists from another era like Louis Armstrong, Cole Porter and miss Billie Holiday.

In his previous album there were already some touches of old gramophone and perhaps happier times, like in this female led "My Foolish Heart", just close your eyes and you will be transported in time...

And one last one video for the road, another great live version of his "Sleeping Dogs" recorded last year for VPRO..., nighty night kids, no cold beds, and sweet dreams

PS/ once you've bought his new album also try his free iPhone app ( yup a man can long for simpler times but still be current. amen)

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