Thursday, December 9, 2010

Albums in 2010 - Part I

I know, it's been a while, the radio show and other matters have kept me very occupied.
I now have a few days to add some content to this blog so we'll go through the best of 2010. Or at least what I've enjoyed the most in 2010. Feel free to comment of course.

Everybody will agree that "High Violet" was another masterpiece by The National. The success of the album must have taken them by suprise a bit, it probably was released at the right time and people took to it. Good for them! Here's a great video of Terrible Love filmed for

What I love about this album is how you first get grabbed by the music and then slowly layer after layer you 'get' the lyrics, it's like discovering a new album over and over.

In another genre, another great success this yes is signed by the American duo The Black Keys. "Brothers" is their 6th album and probably the most accessible. They also showcase their odd sense of humour on the videos, with the little dinosaur Frank

I've always loved The Black Keys from the first chords of Thickfrickedness to their Blackroc project ( another Blacroc album should arrive soon, those guys never sleep) and again, it's another hard working band that deserves the success it now reaps. Keep the good music comin'

2010 was also the year ma favourite singstress Laura Marling released her 2nd album. Oh boy! "I Speak Because I Can" took me a little while to get into but it really became an album that rarely left my side.
Her voice is more assured, her lyrics sharp and evocative, the melodies and orchestration subtle et warm.
It's a gem of an album.
Here she is, raw, bare and still so very compelling

There must be a goth in me, this year I've enjoyed some darker music ( or is that kind of music more popular in these financial times?)
One EP that has caught my ear is "Stridulum II" by Zola Jesus. I didn't know her at all to be honest and I have not yet seen her live but I like where her music takes me.

Last album and video for today: "The Fool" the debut album by Warpaint. Hypnotic, warm, it casts its spell on the listerner from the first note to the last. And they're good, if a bit excited young puppy, on stage too!
You MUST listen to this record. pretty please.

More albums, concerts, singles very soon...

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