Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Philip Selway 'By Some Miracles'

oh it must be terrible to be the drummer in a successful band. You never get any attention so you either go wild or you decide to show the world how creative and talented you are and you release some music yourself, that will show them!

Following in the foosteps of Phil Collins, we have Philip Selway, who usually resides behind Radiohead's drumkit, yeah the guy you never remember the name of, him!

He signed to uber label Bella Union, which in itself seems to suggest the guy knows indeed how to craft beautiful melodies, then there is a first single By Some Miracles

It's very pretty, if a little twee, and if he manages to create a full album of that quality, the guy can be proud of himself. We'll know more next week, on the 30th, when his first solo album Familial hits the shops.


  1. Totally aggree. I've hear this tune one month ago and it's still haunting my mind. I hpe the entire album will fullfil my huge expectations!

  2. it's never good to have huge expectations Yann ;-)